Our mission

Raising the standards and quality and creating awareness for the target groups about innovation and revolution in dealing with aggression and violence.

Educating and training security and law enforcement Officers to act without using unneccessary violence and to prevent becoming a victim of violence and aggression in order to manage their work more safely.

Providing realistic and practical programs regarding self-defense and managing agression and violence to the weaker groups in society.

Improving personal safety and resilience through training, courses and workshops.

Our vision

Promoting revolution and innovation in dealing with violence and aggression by continuing to grow with the changing society. We keep developing new methods and programs by the information obtained from the workingplace. We beleive that a professional can do their work without causing unnecessary injuries due to using violence. By working towards a de-escalation at the first moment a proefessioanl can make sure that the situation will not escalate. Kurodaiya Violence control programm is the standard for workrelated training for professionals. A professional need a training in what they need to do and not a training in a martial art that tells you what you can do.

KVP, the KTEC Violence Management Program, is the professional branch of the Kurodaiya Training & Education Center which provides specialized physical, verbal and tactical training and courses for law enforcement officers, guards, and other employees wh have to deal with agression and violence in their job.

This system is ëvaluated and adapted in the following countries:

Germany (Yearly training at the Bundes grenzschutz politzei in Bonn)

Italy (Carabinieri, Train ticket controllers of Rome)

India (Schools in Mumbai, Gujraat en Punjab)

Mauritius (police)

Netherlands (Police officers, Security guards (Ahoy en Hofstand Security), schools (Primary and secundary), Psychiatric institutions, Hospital personal (Sint Franciscus, Dijkzicht), Ambulance personal, Bounchers/doorman, Train ticket controllers.

Nepal  (CID, Army, Police of Nepal, Stewards training and education center WINGS)

Sri Lanka (Army and Police, Sky Marshalls of Sri Lankan Airlines)

Surinam ( Army, Police, body guards of Ministers en Judges, Prison guards)

Techniques and tactics in the KVP do not consist of a range of (unnecessary) actions. The system is based on 1 reaction technique to each single move or attack from an aggressor. This is always done with minimal use of force, motion, and physical contact with the aggressor but with optimal effect and results.

Effectivity is maximal in the Kurodaiya system. Professionals trained in the Kurodaiya system are prepared for any kind of aggression and are fully aware of all possible scenarios, and capable of dealing with any of them safely. A welcome side effect of this is a calmer mental and physical state while being in conflict situations which reduce or prevent getting stressed. This  has a more de-escalating effect on the conflict itself and makes it possible for the professional to maintain a clear overview to act properly within the law and protocol.

Confidentiality is one of KTEC’s main priorities. We provide custom designed course programs for all kinds of professionals in the fields of security, safety, protection, and defense. These programs are never publicised or made available to third parties.

Agressive behavour leads to escalation and disrespect.
Non agressive behavour leads to de-escalation and respect.

KTEC provides trainings and education at a professional education level, and offers  certification and accreditation. All our programs are developed according the principels  and phylosophy of the Kuordaiya system: based on the application of the biomechanical proces in the human body, which allows you to achieve maximum result by using less force , making less motion and having  less contact with the agressor. Target oriented, and realising that violence does not need to be handled with violence. Our slogan is “Violence ends where respect begins” (© 1988). Managing violence by not resorting to violence, and therefore avoiding unnecessary damage or harm, is the theme in all our programs (with the expressed exception of the Military and Special Forces / Special Intervention Units / SWAT programs). By using our tactics, it is possible to stay within the boundaries of the law, and to avoid expensive lawsuits, unintended molestation, and injury in conflict situations where aggression and violence arise. We teach law enforcers and security officers to act target oriented (verbally as well as physically) and to dismiss unnecessary discussions, misunderstandings, or actions while staying within their respective authority. We teach them to override theoretical dogma’s that have proven to be ineffective in practical situations, and replace them with cutting edge scientific insights, tactics and techniques that ensure full (mental and physical) control and awareness over the situation. The KTEC Violence Management Program is a no-nonsense program that can be mastered by anyone within a short time and that can be applied regardless of physical condition (short, tall, fat, skinny, man, woman, fit, unfit…).

The KTEC Violence Management Program doesn’t use unrealistic or static “dummy” training, something that is common in most self defense and martial arts systems. By learning techniques in this misconceived manner, students literally miss their target in reality. In the KVP realistic techniques and tactics are taught in a dynamic way, so that they can really be realistically applied on the streets.

The KTEC uses a very easy, logical, practical, effective and innovative system in all of the Violence Management Program’s

All KTEC Violence Management Programs can also be considered essential add-ons / extensions to already incorporated systems and trainings used by professionals in the relevant fields.

KTEC IS LOOKING FOR NEW INSTRUCTORS to be trained and licensed to instruct in any or all of our programs. If you are interested in and as a professional in the field of military, police, or security, please contac us HERE