Why choose KTEC Violence Management© Programs:

For more details on the KTEC organisation please see the Organisation page.

For details on the Kurodaiya Self Defense and Close Combat system see the System page.

The Kurodaiya Violence Management Programs enable conflict situations to be:

  • Identified (will a conflict situation develop and at which point)
  • Prevented (if prevention is still in any way possible)
  • Controlled (when the conflict develops)
  • De-escalated (decrease and neutralise the aggression/violence)

Kurodaiya Violence Management achieves the professional’s goals by:

  • Anticipating. This is only possible if the necessary knowledge is available. Without this, mistaken decisions will quickly be taken with, naturally, undesired consequences.
  • Awarenessof sociological and (multi-)cultural aspects, and differences in communication styles. Communicating tactically and solution oriented. Being effective while retaining respect and self value. Knowing when and how to reach solutions verbally if this is still possible.
  • Identifying the limit and cue to switch from verbal tactics to physical action. When physical action is applied, this should still happen within legal proportion standards and without seriously injuring or being injured.
  • Maintaining mental control and dominance by fully understanding the situation, risks and possibilities. Being able to effectively defend oneself and preventing to be injured or becoming a victim. Mastering ones emotions and remaining calm, able, and focussed under all circumstances.
  • Thinking in terms of solutions rather than rights and causes.

These elements are all taught in combination with KTEC’s superior Kurodaiya Self Defense and Close Combat system.

The KTEC Violence Management Programs have all this and more to train you, your employees, your colleagues or team members to be maximally effective Violence Managers.