KTEC (Kurodaiya Training & Education Center)

KTEC was founded by Krishna Gopal. He has developed and tested the Violence Management programs and techniques over a period of more than 20 years in the Netherlands. This is done in collaboration with professionals and instructors from the world of security, police and army.

KTEC is always creating innovation and revolution in dealing with violence and aggression and provide training and education at graduate level for teachers of Kurodaiya Violence management Programs.(KVP)

Instructors and teachers of Kurodaiya Violence management Programs are qualified and experienced specialists in self-defense and teaching skills/methods.

KTEC is currently setting a new default in the world of violence management training as the official government standard. This applies to law enforcement and (private) security guards.

We use the slogan: “Violence ends where respect begins” © (1988). Our courses are aimed at de-escalation and not to use violence.
Managing violence by non-aggressive behavior is our creed, making it quite possible to act within the law in conflict situations where aggression and violence is involved.

Confidentiality is paramount at KTEC. Our tailored programs are not disclosed to third parties.
KTEC procvide since 2003 Violence innovative management training at graduate level both nationally and internationally for various target groups such as: Police, Security Guards, Special Forces, security officers, companies and private and public institutions.
KTEC has a private location where you can receive work-related training at any time. It does not always happen during working hours. Efficient for your business!
KTEC provides uniformity in the training for all audiences. All persons in a team know how to assist one another in the best way and how to act without getting in each others way. By this we mean uniformity also with other agencies (eg police) that need to work together.
KTEC also has accreditation for professionals in the Kurodaiya Violence Management program.
KTEC has an UP TO DATE system that adapts to the new developments and trends that emerged in the ever-changing society.
KTEC trainers are accredited and certified instructors and have a responsible way to teach and have relevant knowledge of all cultures present in the Netherlands and their traditions, habits and mentalities.
KTEC accredited security staff function better and cope better with the multicultural society.
KTEC has different programs for all types of professionals
KTEC uses a patented system (Kurodaiya) and is authorized to use the slogan with copyright

Our vision:

promoting revolutionary innovation in dealing with violence and aggression by continuing to grow with the changing society. We keep developing new methods and programs by the information obtained from the workplace.

Our missions are:

Standards and raise the quality and the target groups’ awareness of innovation and revolution in dealing with aggression and violence.
Security Officers as training to use them without violence or themselves to be victims of violence and aggression can manage to carry as their work more safely
Realistic techniques and practical information with regard to self-defense, make available to the weaker groups in society
Improve personal safety and resilience through training, courses and workshops.