Kurodaiya Violence Management has various programs for target sectors like:

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Government Organisations

Including Police, Justice departments, SWAT Teams, Special Forces, and Armed Forces.

Workers in public functions

Hospitals, Public Transport staff, municipal service desks, government security workers, parking attendents, etc.


Elementary Schools, High Schools and Colleges

Municipal Organisations

Private Companies

Curriculum subjects are (among others):

  • Law awareness
  • Communicative skills
  • Social skills
  • Conflict handeling (identifying, handeling and preventing)
  • Posture/posure/poise, intonation, vocabulary
  • Assertiveness
  • Dealing with agression and violence
  • Dealing with cultural diversity
  • Dealing with multicultural aspects
  • Dealing with difficult people and persons under the influence of substances
  • Applying self defense skills proportionally
  • Dealing with armed attackers (including using the baton as a defensive tool)
  • New insights in cuffing and transport techniques
  • For soldiers / armed forces, police officers and (government) security staff: Maximally effective use of authorised action.