Special Forces

Special Forces are deployed in situations where standard units are considered insufficient or under equipped

special forces

Special Forces, which in our programs include SWAT teams, are used as reinforcements for standard police or military units and as Special Ops units. Special Forces are more highly trained and are more specialised than normal units. Authorisation usually exceeds that of standard units and they are usually armed more heavily or more exclusively. Close Combat training is, or should be, more extensive and tougher than standard units. Special Forces can afford even less failure or shortcomings than any other units.

KTEC has a specialised Close Combat program that will be custom made for applying Special Forces, SWAT Teams, other Elite Teams, and Military Security / Military Police.

This program differs in essence from the other programs KTEC offers, due to the nature of the conflicts these professionals face. In short, the KTEC Special Forces Program is not focused on de-escalation, but mainly on neutralisation of enemies / criminals / attackers.

The KTEC Special Forces Program will be designed in close communication with the relevant unit, and will be extremely confidential. It will never be published or shared with third parties in any way, and neither will any communication or contact with the relevant unit.

The advantage of KTEC Close Combat training for Police Officers

When suddenly escalating incidents occur where reinforcements or SWAT assistance are or will be needed but where police is already at the scene, it will be an advantage for standard police units to have general Close Combat training.

For example:

  • There is not enough time to wait for backup or reinforcements, and immediate intervention is urgent
  • The officers are at great of becoming injured or worse, when faced with a stronger or more numerous opponent(s).
  • Trained officers can anticipate better to the reinforcements and will be better tuned to cooperate with the reinforcement / SWAT team.
  • The situation is serious but here is still doubt whether having reinforcements or a SWAT team deployed is justified.
  • KTEC programs for Police are offered as an essential extension on already existing standard training, and completely adhere to the existing protocols and authorisations of the relevant units.


close combat special forces

close combat special forces

KTEC Close Combat training voor politie agenten