Kurodaiya system

Kurodaiya system is innovative and revolutionary based on the biomechanical proces of the human body contains motions(technics) that effectively increase relative strength and leverage and can be used in any conflict situation to quickly and successfully subdue an aggressor, captive, or enemy, by using minimal force, motion and contact while achieving maximum result.
Kurodaiya Violence Management: include innovating, cutting edge tactical techniques, fixating techniques, arresting, subduing, cuffing, arresting and transporting techniques  for police, and lethal combat applications for military and special forces.

Kurodaiya is:
Revolotionary and innovative.
De-escalation, and immediate proportional neutralisation of any threat or attack.
Swift, dynamic, uncomplicated, no-nonsense and straight to the point.
Maximally effective with minimal use of strength, energy, physical contact, and motion.
Performance increasing for, police officers, government security units, and military professionals including Special Force units. Non-obstructing to professional geared outfits.
Based on scientific principles of Biomechanical proces, medical anatomy, and Economy of Motion
Tested and perfected in real life by professionals from the field of security, police and military.
The Kurodaiya system does not use this kind of false skill training like a “dummy” training. Every program in of the  Kurodaiya system is practiced dynamically, realistically and in motion as it actually happens in real conflicts. Of course during training, injury is responsibly avoided.

Kurodaiya training principles:

Minimazing or preventing stress and adrenaline boost
Achieve maximum impact, effect, and result with minimal force, contact, and motion
Dynamic, responsible and healthy practice
Good atmosphere and professional training
Personal guidance to guarantee quality training and correct absorption of techniques
Realistic attack and defence /counter techniques only
No static “dummy” technique scenarios, which are wrongfully based on a virtually motionless opponent or a single attack action. Kurodaiya technique training is dynamic, realistic, and effective.
Kurodaiya, unlike others, is not a mix of different styles or already existing systems. It surpasses the levels of other martial arts or fighting systems. Kurodaiya is the next level. Trying is believing!

Kurodaiya includes kicks and punches, but it is not like Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing, or Muay Thai.
It can defend with locks and chokes, but it is not Jiu Jutsu or Kenpo.
It can apply grips and throws, but it is not judo or aikido.
It uses vital pressure points and can handle weapons, but it is not Ninjutsu or Pencak Silat.
It’s a full spectrum, all dimensions system but it is not like Mixed Martial Arts (/MMA).
It’s a professional Reality Based Self Defence and Close Combat system but it is not like Krav Maga.
Kurodaiya is a 100% logical, scientific and practical system, designed for today’s real life aggression and violence situations and developed by and for professionals.The Kurodaiya system is currently officially used by security- and Special Forces in several countries worldwide.

Kurodaiya is a tactical Close Combat and Violence Management system based on the biomechanical proces of the human body. This allows for example to use only the most relevant muscles for the most effective motion, to maintain a strong balance while simultaneously unbalancing the opponent, and to securely defend the first attack and control the opponents gross motorial movement of the opponent with minimal use of force, contact and motion, so that a follow-up attack is no longer possible (although anticipated as a fail-safe). This enables the best possible defence with minimal effort and injury, because using excessive force in a struggle will work counterproductively. Your strength then becomes your enemy. If you make unnecessary moves, you will be easily unbalanced and can not act effectively. If you use too much strength, you will tire quickly. If you make too much physical contact with your opponent, you will make him stronger in his motions.
Within Kurodaiya Violence Management we do not primarily “fight” to defend ourselves, but we physically monitor and control any attack by an opponent, and effectively ensure that it does not escalate into further attacks. Simultaneously we neutralize the opponent as completely as required. Hence it does not evolve into what we call a “fight”. The attack(er) will be neutralized before that happens.

Whereas the Kurodaiya Police and Security programs focus on de-escalation of aggression and subduing, arresting or transporting an offender or an attacker, and the Close Protection program is aimed at securing, shielding, and extracting VIP’s, the non-civilian and confidential Military and Special Forces programs allow extensive focus on disarming, disabling, and lethal techniques.

Kurodaiya Violence Management Program is no-nonsense Violence Management training

  • Innovative and Revolutionary (Unlike Other Systems)
  • Simple and Swift
  • Realistic and Effective
  • Practical and Non-aggressive
  • Optimized for Professionals
By using the Kurodaiya principles and Phylosophy, physical strength and body mass/size become practically irrelevant. This is why Kurodaiya is very effectieve and practicl against any opponent.