KTEC Background and References

  • Due to confidentiality, not all references are mentioned or mentioned in detail.
  • KTEC is an Education Institute standard for Security Officers accredited by the Governement of the Republic of Surinam.
  • KTEC has been internationally providing training for Military, Police, Sky Marshalls and Special Forces for years.
  • KTEC is constantly providing trainings and courses for Republic of Surinam’s Minister of Justice and Police’s Armed Forces, Prison Guards, Police, Security Officers and Personal Body Guards.
  • KTEC internationally trains self defense and close combat instructors in our Violence Management Program.
  • KTEC has been training government and private Security Officers abroad for years.
  • KTEC trains international Elite Navy and Commando units.
  • KTEC trains event security workers.
  • KTEC trains Hospital security staffs and medical staffs
  • KTEC has been giving workshops in cooperation with women’s rights organisations to battered women.
  • KTEC has been giving Resilience and Self Defense Training at schools for children and teachers, including Anti-Bully, Cycling/Transport Safety, Self Defense for Women and Girls, and Anti-Loverboys programs.
  • KTEC head instructors have been teaching self defense for over 20 years according to the Kurodaiya system, and have been perfecting the system programs for all kinds of civilians and professionals.
  • KTEC has been testing and developing the Kurodaiya system for over 20 years together with professionals and instructors from the fields of military, police and security.

The founder of the KTEC

Prof. Krishna Gopal

Extensive martial arts experience since 1976

    • Honorary lifetime member of AJJIF (All Japan Jiujitsu International Federation. Representative since 2004 USA)
    • Honorary lifetime member of IFMAOM (International Federation of Martial Arts & Orient Medicine) BUDOKAN INSTITUTE USA 2004 Zen ha Kenpo Ryu Jujitsu Association (representative Since 2004 UK)
    • Member of Black Belt Hall Of Fame (2005)


  • WTKA International – Italy (Representative since 2006)
  • Referee All Style and Kickboxing
  • WMAFSS (representative since 2008)
  • Deutsche Wu-Shu Bond Honorary Medal (Gold) for practicing and promoting martial arts worldwide for over 30 years.(26 april 2008)


  • Philosophy of the Century Award (2010)
  • Martial Art Innovation Award (2009)
  • Special Youth Program Award by the Mayor of Curpipe and the Minister of Youth and Sports of Mauritius (2009)
  • HSFN Lifetime Achievement in Sport Award (2007)
  • Grandmaster Of The Year Award (2007)
  • Martial Arts Ambassador Award (2006)
  • International Martial Arts Pioneer of Utmost Fame Award (2005)

Levels achieved:

  • 10th DAN Kurodaiya
  • 10th DAN Jiu Jitsu
  • 4th DAN Judo
  • 3th DAN Tai Jitsu
  • 2nd DAN Karate
  • 1st DAN Aikido

Further martial arts experience:

  • Kendo en Iaido
  • Boxing and Kick Boxing
  • Workshops and courses in practically all other major martial arts and self defense systems
  • Tournament participations (finals) Karate, Judo and Freestyle matches

Practical experience:

  • Doorman
  • VIP Bodyguard
  • Martial arts and Self Defense Instructor
  • Coordinating International and National seminars


  • Policy advisor Police and Justice Department in Surinam
  • International Violence Management Consultant
  • KTEC Head Instructor
  • Instructor Driving and Transport for public transport personnel
  • Instructor Defensive and Secure Driving for VIP Bodyguards, Prisoner (/High Risk or High Value) Transport convoys
  • References upon request due to confidentiality